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Girl, Boyfriend Murder Her Mother, Younger Sister, Watch Movie, Bath Before Having S.x Featured News 

Girl, Boyfriend Murder Her Mother, Younger Sister, Watch Movie, Bath Before Having S.x

A teenage girl, Kim Edwards and her tearaway boyfriend, Lucas Markham who both murdered Kim’s mother, Elizabeth Edwards and her younger sister, Katie and were jailed in November for a minimum of 20 years have been named.


Restrictions on naming the pair were lifted by three judges at London’s Court of Appeal on Friday and the full, harrowing facts of the case can now finally be reported.


The original plan had been for Lucas to kill Ms Edwards and for Kim to kill Katie, but in the event she said she couldn’t go through with it. Both showed no remorse. Kim actually said she had wanted to kill for a long time.


Kim had grudge that her mother loved Katie more.


The two lovers had stabbed Elizabeth and Katie to death on their beds.


Kim had a grudge against her mother, who she claimed loved her younger sister more than her (pictured: Liz Edwards with younger daughter Katie)

Elizabeth and Katie


After committing the gruesome act, the pair spent the next 36 hours in the house where they had sex, shared a bath, ate tea cakes and ice cream and watched four Twilight vampire films.


Elizabeth Edwards, 49, and 13-year-old daughter Katie were murdered at their home in Spalding, Lincolnshire in April last year.


Kim Edwards roped in her boyfriend, Lucas Markham, to carry out the 'brutal executions' of dinner lady Elizabeth Edwards, 49, and her daughter Katie as they slept at their home in Spalding, Lincolnshire last April

Murderous lovers,  Lucas and Kim


This gruesome knife - taken by Markham from his family's kitchen - was used to stab the mother and daughter in their beds

The implement of death used by Lucas and Kim to Kill Elizabeth and Katie in their sleep

The court heard Kim Edwards first became aware of Lucas in September 2013, when he threw a chair across the room in English class

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