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Mary Uranta Looks Forward To Becoming Prophetess Featured NOLLYWOOD 

Mary Uranta Looks Forward To Becoming Prophetess

Just as many Nollywood stars follow the footsteps of Patience Uzokwor, aka Mama G who has gone into evangelism, another thespian, Mary Uranta is fast considering becoming a prophetess.


She however made it clear that she wouldn’t want to be a pastor.

According to her, acting is one step to have achieving her theological dream.


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The daughter of a Primate of Cherubim and Seraphim church explained that already she has seen signs that she is destined to toe that path.


She spoke with Punch, “I may not be a pastor but I am going to be a prophetess. I know that in the end, I am going to do the work of God. I would be a prophetess. Already I dream and it comes to pass but I don’t see visions. Being a prophetess does not necessarily mean that you have to see visions. I know that in the end, I would do the work of God. I don’t want to bear the name pastor but I want to be a prophetess,” she said.


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The actress was quick to state that it was unfair for anyone to label her church in bad light. She added, “I still attend Cherubim and Seraphim church. I am not afraid or shy of the God I serve. Those people who think our church is fetish have a wrong mindset. In Nigeria, it is the people that do evil that tag the good ones; we know we are not fetish and I am not evil; so it is left for people to mind their opinion. If you have not been to a place, it is not nice for you to talk about the place. I worship there and enjoy the service.”


On her relationship, Mary said, “When I came into the industry, there was no man that would be happy that their girlfriend was an actress except for today’s Nollywood actresses. When we started, it was a problem and some people would tell you to choose between them and your career. I actually chose my partner over my career with the hope that if it did not work, I could always go back to face my career and when it did not work, I came back to face my career.”


She runs a movie school, 50th Film Academy.


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