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Mel B Lies- Ex-Nanny Claims Featured SHOWBIZ 

Mel B Lies- Ex-Nanny Claims

One of those you shouldn’t tell a lie to is a judge handling your case. For if he or she finds out the truth, hell may not be able to contain you.

But that is what Mel B seemed to have done, according to her ex-nanny, Lorraine Gilles in her latest salvo.


The lie Gilles said is about her serving her a legal document to be at the hearing despite Mel swearing on that before the judge.

“I was in Kentucky the day of the alleged service,” Gilles said, “and the document was illegally given to my husband.”


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The three-some, Belafonte, Giles and Mel B.


Mel B has claimed estranged hubby Stephen Belafonte and Gilles had an affair and got her pregnant. Gilles fired back with a defamation lawsuit against Mel B, denying the alleged affair and pregnancy, saying they all had 3-ways for 7 years.



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