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Dublin-Based Nigerian Socialite, Naomi Byass Writes Memorial Letter To Mom Featured Lifestyle 

Dublin-Based Nigerian Socialite, Naomi Byass Writes Memorial Letter To Mom

Dublin- based Nigerian Social Welfare Advocate; Naomi Oduntan Byass would have no better way of remembering her late mother, Mrs Comfort Oreoluwa Adedoyin Oyeyipo (JP) who died in 2010 at the age of 72 than to pen her memorial missive.


Read the letter below:


Today, I remember and celebrate the wonderful womb that carried me for over 9 months before I was born. I blessed God for the wonderful mother that brought me to this world. I am also praising God for given me the opportunity to come to this world through the pretty, Godly, friendly, irreplaceable mother of all mothers, my mum, Mrs Comfort Oreoluwa Adedoyin Oyeyipo (JP).


naomi1 naomi2


Mum, today 13th of March 2017, you would have turn 79 years old, but the death took you way few days after your husband’s death Alabi-Ijan.

Mum, it’s hard to believe that it has been 7 years since you left this painful and wicked world to meet with your maker. I can’t believe you couldn’t pick my calls again, calls I made to wish you a happy birthday, my wonderful mother.


My dearest Oreoluwa, the daughter of greatest Adedoyin Odediji, I celebrate your life and the memories that you have created for me.  To remember your laughter as we chatted about various things; from weather, Education, Jobs, properties, the future of your grandchildren, and about what was going on in my life.   I listened to you speak in Yoruba and Igbomina language to me; (Something that I miss hearing). I wished that I could hear your voice once more, even for only just a minute.  We used to talk for hours on end about just anything and nothing.


I missed watching my kids talk to you, asking you questions and knowing that they sometimes had a hard time understanding what you were saying when you were speaking in Yoruba.


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They would smile at me and shrug their shoulders, but just kept talking to you, telling you that they loved and missed you.


I remember my last visit in Nigeria when you left United Kingdom and Ireland a month after your husband’s death, to see your grandchildren and great grand Children. That was before you left for Nigeria two weeks to your Husband’s burial. I never knew you purposely came to say final good nights to your grandchildren and great grandchildren. I remember your last world with me that I should follow the footsteps and the good legacy you left behind, and that we should never in any situation look down on the poor, the sick, especially the blind people.


I remember how you held my two hands, looked straight into my eyes and said (ALL SHALL BE WELL WITH YOU MY DAUGHTER). I asked you to come with me to London when I was leaving, but you said you will be coming over for Christmas in 2010.


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You smiled and said we shall all meet again. I never knew that the smile you gave me was a sign that you are fully ready to leave this wicked world, and be on your way to see your maker in Heaven.


I still remember that wonderful evening that you placed your two hands on my head and said (GO AND MAKE POSITIVE HEADLINES AND PROSPER IN JESUS NAME; I SAID AMEN).


But you were too shy to look at my face.

I tried to raise your head up, but tears kept coming out of your eyes. My mum I thought you are missing me because I was on my way back to Ireland. I never knew you’re telling me the final good night.


Mother, I know you to be a strong woman and a very honest person. But mum, you never told me you’re going soon. I miss all the wonderful and precious time we spent together. I miss your sweet smile and your beautiful sets of teeth. My Angel, no words can ever express the wonderful things you have done for me and others. It is something I will forever cherish.


So today, Mom, I want to wish you a Happy Birthday and to remember you as you were – strong, brave, loving, beautiful, humble, kind and very special.

You may be gone from this physical earth, but you live within me every day, every moment and every second.


Continue to Rest in Peace, my sweet mum till we see and depart no more.




Your daughter, Naomi.

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