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Disclaimer – Robert Mbonu / Heritage Bank Featured News 

Disclaimer – Robert Mbonu / Heritage Bank

Our attention has been brought to reports published by some online news blogs in which mention was made of Mr Robert Mbonu – in connection with EFCC investigations into the alleged diversion of   funds from   the London and Paris Club refund – as being a former Managing Director of Heritage Bank.


This is false information, and should be disregarded.


Mr Mbonu is a former Executive Director of Heritage Bank and he amicably resigned from the bank   in 2015 to   pursue other   endeavours.  He was never at   any point the   Managing Director of Heritage Bank.


We wish to make it clear that Heritage Bank disproves the antics of such bloggers, who seem determined to discredit Heritage Bank, even to the extent of risking being seen clearly as careless and unprofessional. We consider it our duty to continue to provide our stakeholders with accurate information where it concerns us, as your confidence and support is of utmost importance to us.


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