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Another Terror Attack In UK, Many Injured! Featured News 

Another Terror Attack In UK, Many Injured!

There was another terror attack in the United Kingdom on Sunday, as two teenagers wielding knives drove a Peugeot Partner into revellers queuing for a pub and ‘knocked them over like dominoes’ in a horrifying attack in Islington.


Reports says that two men and one woman were injured on the lively Essex Road in north London before the driver and passenger sped off then got out and fled on foot.

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Security officers later found one knife on the pavement and one knife in the car before they were able to arrest four males, aged between 17 and 19, on suspicion of GBH with intent and of possession of points and blades.


This is coming a few days after four innocent people were killed in a terror attack on Westminster Bridge on Wednesday, police insist last night’s incident was not terror related.

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