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Tupac’s Handwritten ‘Dear Mama’ Lyrics Up for Sale Featured music 

Tupac’s Handwritten ‘Dear Mama’ Lyrics Up for Sale

What has the lyrical master, Tupac Shakur not done, living or dead?

While alive he outshone his contemporaries. Not because they weren’t good but just for the sake of his extraordinary inputs to music.

Now, his handwritten lyrics of the 1995 hit song are up for sale at for $75,000.

tupac TUPAC1

Tupac Shakur’s handwritten lyrics of Dear Mama


Tupac used 3 sheets of notebook paper to write out the lyrics of “Dear Mama” … that’s $25k per sheet for whoever wants to be the proud new owner.

Did you hear or read that?

TMZ revealed that the sheets came from the studio where Tupac recorded the track — the site acquired them from a private collector in Poland.

The lyrics are what you’d expect if you know the song, except for a couple notes ‘Pac jotted down on the side — the names of rappers he may have been thinking about featuring … and a much more graphic note on the last page, the online portal states.

So, what else would you say, the King of Rap hasn’t done?

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