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I’m In Love! It’s Not Movie Script But Real- Nollywood Actress Ruth Eze Featured NOLLYWOOD 

I’m In Love! It’s Not Movie Script But Real- Nollywood Actress Ruth Eze

Several months after the internet went agog, once that she was a lesbian and again, that she was in love with her compatriot Genevieve Nnaji, Ruth Eze has finally gotten her groove back; she has fallen in love again!
The Imo state born actress and businesswoman revealed during an exclusive interview with E24-7 Magazine that her present love story is not part of a movie script.

She emphatically stated, “My love is no joke. It’s not a movie script. This one is real. Take it from me; it’s true, real and great. Hahahahahahaha… not a Movie script oo. By the grace of God, this is for real.”
Not wanting to be done in the celebration of her new found love, Ruth enthusiastically eulogises her present state, “My present-day experience makes me believe that it’s a beautiful feeling to be truly in love. For those who don’t know, love in its true form is a beautiful thing.”
She spoke further of her relationship, “When a man knows what he means, he will free his heart to believe and understand. He took his time to study me and finally found out that I am different from the others.

However, to avoid the potholes of life we shall learn to manage everything so that we don’t miss anything. We would also apply prayers to wade off mistakes of our past. That is while reminding ourselves that nobody is perfect. There would always be that understanding that no matter how much we try, imperfection will still come up, but remembering constantly that with true love and understanding, we can manage our flaws.”
Ruth confessed the fact that scaring women away from her beau would never be her past time.
“He knows that I am a very loyal person. As for him, nobody can successfully chase away girls from the life of a man. A man that does not want to cheat will not cheat. Despite the fact that he is not base in the country, I have a beautiful gift of Love from him.
“Our plans for tomorrow are also elaborate. They are beautiful days ahead. It’s going to be blissful days of a great marriage with my kids and my husband by me, doing great movies, becoming an inspiration to someone and a beauty to the world.
I’ve learnt to give love a chance no matter what Life brings. Love is still beautiful and can still happen.”

Ruth Eze in her glamour:

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