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Dayo Amusa Gives Reasons She Agrees To Serve Actors Guild of Nigeria Featured NOLLYWOOD 

Dayo Amusa Gives Reasons She Agrees To Serve Actors Guild of Nigeria

Popular Yoruba Nollywood actress and newly elected Vice Chairman of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Dayo Amusa has given reasons for her involvement in the politics of the guild.

She also spoke about her vision for a better and prosperous guild of actors in Nigeria.

In the words of Dayo, “There was a storm in the guild and there was a need for the storm to stop. When I realized that if we keep talking about the storm and fail to come together to talk as one family, then who is going to have it done. Is it the coming generation when the old ones have not been able to solve the problems?


Dayo Amusa and other members of the new united AGN

“I felt that with our different agenda and if we come together to build the guild, we are going to achieve a lot of things together.

So, it was the need for togetherness that has brought me here.”

On the challenges, she went through in an election which is dominated by English speaking actors, and her personal agenda for the guild, she said, “It was tough coming here. But ‘Thanks’ be to God; we had a good team that successfully convinced the people to vote me, in order to help put the guild in a better position.


Don Pedro And Dayo Amusa head the new united AGN

However, my coming into the mainstream of the politics of the AGN is first and foremost, to break the yoke of tribalism that has for a long time eaten deep into the fabrics of the guild.

“It is also to afford me the opportunity to express my belief that Nollywood consists of everybody; Hausa, bio and Yoruba, and the other tribes.

We are one Nigeria, one AGN, and one Nollywood. So, we shouldn’t be divided.”

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