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Naomi Oduntan Byass Dedicates New ‘Masters’ Degree To God and Critics Featured News 

Naomi Oduntan Byass Dedicates New ‘Masters’ Degree To God and Critics

Ireland-based Nigerian socialite and community service provider, Naomi Oduntan Byass has dedicated her recent educational attainment, where she was awarded her latest degree, a Tort Masters in Child Youth and Family Studies from the Institute of Technology, Carlow in Ireland, to God and her critics.

She graduated on the 4th of November, 2016. Te Masters include a project thesis; a qualitative exploration of how students from different cultures experience the Irish education and the impact on them. The paper was Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Masters in child Youth and Family Studies 2016 Institute of Technology, Carlow.


Naomi who marked the occasion with a lavish party in the company of her children, family members, and friends, told E24-7 Magazine reporter, Emmanuel Omene-Johnson, that she would not have been able to come this far in her educational pursuit had God not justified her in the presence of her enemies.

She said, “God and my enemies are the reasons I have come this far. Today, I have bagged another degree. God wanted the best for me. Some people go about the town that I am uneducated. This is not my first or second degree. I have gone really in adorning myself with the needed educational tools to live to improve in my calls and to live a better life.

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I am neither a herbalist nor a blogger with expertise in blackmailing. I give my life to service in God and humanity. Those who think it would not be good for me are those lagging behind. I have gotten to where I have become saved from their clutches. When enemies say no, tell them by your actions and words, it’s yes, yes, yes.”




In her appreciation to her family, friends, colleagues and faculty, Naomi said, “I reflect on my journey in the last 5 years at Institute of technology Carlow Ireland, to achieve standard and high-quality education and what have been through during this period, I must first acknowledge my faith, which has been my strength and my shield.


“I appreciate my pastor, Pastor Israel Oluayo (Ph.D.) for his prayers and words of encouragement. I express my appreciation to Ambassador Akin Oyateru and his wife Abiola Oyateru for their support and encouragement throughout my studies. I appreciate Barrister Edward Ayo-Odugbesan for his support and kindness over me. I bless God for the lives of my siblings Margret, James, Mary, Lawrence and Raphael for standing by me through thick and thin periods. May the Lord bless you all I love you and I appreciate you.  I also express my appreciation to my two lovely kids, Nicole and Beloved for their understanding throughout my learning period. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe in his hands, love you loads.


“I also appreciate my Dad, High Chief Abiodun Alabi Oyeyipo (AlabiIjan) and My Mum, Mrs. Comfort Oreoluwa Oyeyipo (JP), both of blessed memory. You are part of this journey but you did not wait to see my new academic results before both of you passed on to glory in 2010.


“The participants:

“My sincere appreciation to all the participants of this study, for sharing with me their various experiences in this study and for believing in me. Honestly, I learned more than what I am able to put on this study. Your shared experiences will always be remembered and treasured.

“My supervisor:

“I appreciate my supervisor Eileen Doyle Walsh for her guidance, hours of assistance, sound advice, and dedication. You are truly a master.


“My college:


Thanks to my college, Institute of technology Carlow for giving me the opportunity to have studied in their college. I appreciate all the staffs that thought me during my academic year in the college. May the Lord bless you all, Amen.”

More Pictures:

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