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All the fun and  beauty of Singles Upload 2016(Photos) Featured News 

All the fun and beauty of Singles Upload 2016(Photos)

The annual Singles Convention of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Nigeria, Lagos under the auspices of the Adult Single Adventist Ministry (ASAM) took place from 13th to16th October 2016.

Tagged, Singles Upload by the Singles Ministry in Lagos Mainland Conference, the event which is a gathering of youths from within and outside the church was held at the Living World Camp, lbeju-Lekki, Lagos.


This year convention was spectacular, as it brought together singles from three conferences in Nigeria.

It is a joint convention of Lagos Mainland Conference and Ogun Conference both from Seventh Day Adventist Church in Nigeria. At the occasion, the Atlantic Conference was a participating Conference.

It was put together by First  Nest Consult.

Media partners include the E247 magazine.

See more photos after cut:

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