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Socialite Naomi Byass accuses Ireland blogger, Tokunbo Aboderin of blackmail  … Vows to take legal actions Featured News 

Socialite Naomi Byass accuses Ireland blogger, Tokunbo Aboderin of blackmail … Vows to take legal actions

A scion of the popular Nigerian publishing and entertainment family, the Aboderins of The Punch Newspaper, Ireland-based blogger, and herbalist, Tokunbo Easter Asabi Aboderin of Herbs and Roots, Ireland has been accused of blackmailing her compatriots in the UK.
Tokunbo is being accused by a Nigerian-Irish citizen, Naomi Oduntan Byass of threatening her life with spurious allegations.


Tokunbo, Naomi

Naomi, a Dublin-based Humanitarian Community worker claimed, “Tokunbo blackmails people for money. She blackmailed Akeem Kaka for 3 years that he defrauded people in Malaysia. She has destroyed 50 marriages in Ireland with her lies and propaganda and never using her blog for anything positive.”
According to her, Tokunbo had tried to frustrate her out of life for an issue that was not originally her personal matter. Naomi told the Magazine that she was brought into the case as a result of her humanitarian job; being a social worker. She said her mission was to reconcile Tokunbo and Rachael who are Nigerians. That was when Tokunbo Aboderin took it particularly with her, she said.


“It started four years ago. A friend of mine who is a Nigerian living in Ireland contacted me over a case of victimization and blackmail from Nigerian-born Ireland blogger, Tokunbo Aboderin. Since I knew Tokunbo before then, I called her on phone to get her side of the story after which she, Tokunbo took it personally on me.


Naomi, a friend, her kids celebrating Nigeria @ 46 in Paris France.
She called Rachael to say that someone brought a sex tape of my friend to her, that she was been accused of infidelity. She went on to use it to blackmail Rachael of extramarital affairs.
“It was Rachael’s husband who saw the story on Tokunbo’s Facebook page.
“There was no kind of lies and accusations that Tokunbo didn’t level on me, all because I advised her to leave Rachael alone. At least, I told her; the lady’s husband had come to you, begged and gave you money to ignore the rumour.


“I explained to Tokunbo that even if Rachael was guilty of the crime, she as an elderly country woman would have called her for advice and not to threaten her with the story, for the sake of obtaining more money from her.
“I begged her to consider the fact that Rachael has a husband, kids and family back home in Nigeria, to cater for. Tokunbo said no. At the end of the day; she added me to her blackmail list. Ever since then, she comes up with different stories about me.
“She even posted a porn video, saying I was the female sex act in it. She used that to cause panic in my circle until I was vindicated when viewers of the sex video found out that I was really not the person in the tape.


Naomi Byass


Naomi, two graduating colleagues
“She had done series of video where she said various degrees of wrong things about me.
“That was why my family summoned me on phone, to give an account of my role in the saga. I did and they saw reasons with me. I was only doing my job as a social worker, and coming to the rescue of a friend and fellow Nigerian citizen.
“Then I began to tell others about Tokunbo’s prime reason of blackmailing Rachael and me.
I told them that blackmailing was Tokunbo’s primary job. That it was what she does for a living. Tokunbo is a blackmailer. She has blackmailed a lot of Nigerians living in the diaspora.”
On the video she posted a few days ago on Facebook, Naomi clarified-, “Tokunbo has a root and herbal church. She sells roots and herbs in Ireland. She claims she is permitted by to practice orthodox medical practice. I am not very sure her claim is true.
“However, I posted the video to clarify certain allegations she leveled against me. She has done that for the last four years and blogging same on her page.
“Now, she is saying I have a mental issue. That, I also have a problem with the Irish government, saying I also live in Ireland illegally.
I am not an illegal immigrant. I reside here (Ireland) legally. I am a full Irish citizen. I am also a Nigerian by birth. My kids are all born here and are full Irish. My kids are living with me.”
Naomi also took a swipe at Tokunbo for calling her a bully. She said it was the reason the Irish authorities decided to take away her kids from me.
“I don’t have a history of a mental problem. I have never been depressed in life. She said that my assumed depression had gone so high that the government came in my case. She published the story on Sunday that my children have been taken away from me as a result of my deep depression. She called me bastard; that I am a prostitute.
“That is the reason I did my new video. It is, as I said before, to clarify the issues.
“Her assertion that I am an uneducated person is an additional fabrication. If it was true, how could it be possible for me to have bagged four Degrees and I just finished my Masters in Child Youths and Family Studies; my graduation comes up soon.
I am into humanitarian services for the homeless people, and apart from my kids, I have children that are living with me.”

Naomi is charging both governments of Ireland and Nigerian to arrest Tokunbo for her actions.
“I beg the Nigerian government and that of Ireland, too, to put a stop on this woman’s negative contributions to the image of both countries. She should be deported back home to get cured and face trial. Let the two governments monitor her life and fake blog. She is using her blog to promote pornography while hiding under the pretense that she is teaching sex education.
“She uses that site to encourage gullible people to have premarital and unprotected sex.
She should also be jailed for wrongful sale and prescription of herbal drugs. She was a few days ago accused by a lady online for collecting $200 for fake herbal concoctions. That is obtaining by trick, aka 419, “she concluded.

Meanwhile, in a telephone interview, Tokunbo dismisses the words of Naomi.
The blogger and herbal medic said she was right in carrying out her duty as a journalist.
She claims Naomi’s friend, Rachael was actually involved in the said lewd act.
“I knew Rachael and her husband long before the story broke out. I was the person that called them for an interview that a lady, Titi gave out the story. But the next thing I heard from them, was ‘do your job’. I am a known blogger for many years. They even involved Kemi Oluloyun in the case.
I promise to deal with them spiritually, too. They claimed to give me 900 euros. That is a lie; where would they get that huge amount of money?”

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