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AIT worse than movie Pirates- movie marketer, Integrity Productions cries out, ‘How AIT illegally aired my movie … Threatens legal action Featured NOLLYWOOD 

AIT worse than movie Pirates- movie marketer, Integrity Productions cries out, ‘How AIT illegally aired my movie … Threatens legal action

The African Independent Television (AIT), Nigeria has been threatened with a lawsuit by an Ibadan-based movie marketing outfit, Integrity Productions for unlawful use of one of its films.


CEO, Integrity Productions, Busayo Odu

In a Wassap broadcast made by the CEO of the Ibadan-based movie and music marketing outfit, Mr. Busayo Odu, he woke up in the morning of 20th of October, 2016 to see the recently released movie being aired on AIT Ibadan, Channels 26 UHF.

He said that the time of the airing was around 11.10 am and that it lasted till 11.3-am before it was yanked off. That was before the network programme, The Money Show.

However, in a telephone conversation the Senior Entertainment Reporter of E24-7 Magazine, Emmanuel Omene-Johnson had with the Head of AIT, Ibadan, Mrs, Folakemi Tokunbo-Ishola, the latter was apologetic.

Founder, AIT, Raymond Dopkesi

She said it was an error committed by her junior staff.

The AIT Ibadan boss apologetically explained, “I have been waiting for someone to call on this issue. I actually asked for the number of the producer of the film but I have not gotten it before you called.

AIT logo 2

As Head of Operations, AIT Ibadan, I have severally warned my staff not to use anyone’s work without their express permission. I have continually drummed it into them that they must be sure that the company has the right to a film before it was used.”

She continued, “But the incident happened today when we had some challenges. It was in a bid to remedy the situation that one of my staffers used the alleged film. It was done without  my knowledge.

“Immediately I saw it I asked it to be yanked off. We didn’t even wait for it run over. Not too long after, my colleague said he got a call from Integrity Productions.

Anyway, I have already called the marketer and we have talked. In the course of our discussion l told him it would be good I personally apologise to the producer.”

Read Mr. Odu’s broadcast:

“I tuned in, to AIT Ibadan (Channel 26 UHF) this today 20th of October, 2016 at around 11:10am.

“On tuning, they were showing one of my movies. The movie is a new movie.

“They showed the film till around 11.30am when they started a network program, “The money show” and they promised to continue showing the film later.

“The activity was both recorded on my phone and my HD camera.

“I called one of their staff and he confirmed to me that they actually showed it and it was a mistake from a junior staff.

“I have asked my lawyer to take step

“Yes I have instructed my lawyer to write them and take necessary legal actions

“AIT is worse than Pirates. I doubt if its employees are educated.

“I tuned in, to AIT Channel 26 Ibadan around 11:10am this morning only to see them showing one of the movies which Integrity Productions possesses the copyright.

“It’s obvious that they downloaded this movie from YouTube. That is because our logo was on the right-hand side while that of AIT was on the left-hand side.

“Be watchful. Don’t concentrate only on fighting piracy but let’s join hands to deal with the likes of AIT. I’m sure it’s not their first time.

Someone called me today that he has been a victim of AIT’s illegal use of unpermitted use of movies.”



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