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Russia May Speed Up Destruction Of Mother Earth! Featured News 

Russia May Speed Up Destruction Of Mother Earth!

The end of the world may be imminent if the threat of Russia to exterminate the United States of America from the earth if Americans vote in Hillary Clifton as President in November’s generation elections, is anything to be reckoned with.


This is one of the vehicles to be used by the Russian warlords in destroying the earth.

To back up the threat made by a senior Russian official but played down by Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, the Russians are reported to have developed a weapon that would help them to cause more havoc in the airspace.


A Russian weapon of death.

MailOnline reports that Russian officials have unveiled a ‘microwave gun’ that can disable an unmanned drone and even a missile from up to 0.6 miles (1km) away.

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It says that the first sample of the weapon has been revealed following a secretive Russian Defense Ministry exhibition.

Read Excerpt:

“The ‘death ray’ will be used to target enemy drones and apparently deactivates the radios of UAVs and warheads, causing them to lose control.

Below are Russian men & weapons of Death:

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