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OC Ukeje, a veteran actor who interprets his roles very well has confessed he once got aroused while kissing on set.

He said he has had to kiss some of his colleagues in a bid to interpret his script. Though it was all an act, he confessed the scene particularly,the romantic ones really aroused him sexually.

OC said, “It has happened to me before that I was moved when acting a romantic scene but when it happened, I was involved with the actor in real life. I cannot speak for other films I am going to do later. You can find a girl super attractive and when you guys are kissing, blood starts flowing south ward. But I generally just try to remember that it is a job and I do what I have to do and leave the place. Fortunately it has worked for me so far apart from the one time that it happened.”

He added that he’s blessed with a supportive wife who has not frowned at any of his romantic roles yet.

“I have the responsibility of making sure that whatever I do is tasteful because what we are doing is not easy for our spouses. It is important to make sure that anything you are doing is tasteful enough so that whoever sees it likes what it looks like and that is what your wife gets to see. That it also adds to the story is important otherwise it would be an excuse to be kissing in films. My wife has been very supportive and I don’t think she has frowned at any one yet. I am just a lucky guy.”

As a popular actor, OC hardly features in the normal ‘home videos’ that have flooded the industry.

In his reaction, OC said it wasn’t pride that has made him not to feature in those movies.

“I don’t think I am biased by not featuring in home videos. I think everything is a conversation. I have been approached but it I think that the process of deciding to make a movie takes a lot of time. As a producer who wants an actor on a project, you have to send a script to him; the actor would then read it and decide if he wants to work on it.

“I find out from my experience that most of the people who do what people term as ‘Asabawood’ would call you to feature in a movie and when you give them your bill, they would say you are asking for too much.  But I am not asking for too much and it is a conversation. I have the right to feature in a movie that I like and you have the right to feature whoever you want to work with. That has been my experience.”

He told Saturday Beats that even though he does not appear in such movies, it does not affect the flow of his income.

“Everyone who goes into this business has to be sure of the reason they are doing it in the first place. It is important to make money but I don’t think that money is everything. This is why some people have legacies. I would like to leave a legacy and have money but I have to be intelligent with the way I go about it. It would be silly of me to depend on films alone as my only source of livelihood especially because I know that the industry is not in a place where one or two pay days can cover you for a year. That happens abroad but not here,” he said.

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